Products and Services

A company's success is increasingly dependent on the use of new technologies. Therefore, it is the basis for working in a more efficient, cost-effective and customer-friendly manner within the various business areas. In the course of our consulting activities, we incorporate our national and international experience as well as best practices into projects and find an optimal solution together with our customers.


With our services, we support innovative international and national companies in a wide range of tasks in the sector of business development. Our efficient network of experts, providers and decision-makers form the corresponding basis. We define "business development" as a service supporting our customers in establishing or intensifying their business activities both in Austria and abroad, as well as in obtaining access to new markets and target segments. We also support our customers in their communication with decision makers or build networks and alliances in order to be able to overcome challenges more expediently.

From an idea to a feasible project. There are many challenges waiting on the path from the idea until its concrete realization - a number of requirements, different interests or objectives. We offer support with consistent and goal-oriented cooperation with all stakeholders involved, while we represent the customer's interests and turn the idea into a project ready for approval or implementation.

Last Update: Tuesday, January 23/2024